2022 honda civic how to delete bluetooth device?

Recently, we’ve been driving a lot of Hondas, and they all have the same annoying infotainment feature: there are six Bluetooth pairing spots available, but it’s not at all clear how to clear one existing phone’s data so you can pair your own phone.

In essence, the “Add a new device” option is disabled if there are already six devices paired to your car’s Bluetooth system when you access the Bluetooth pairing menu. There is a line item in the menus nearby that lets you remove a paired device.

The workaround is to press the actual Phone button and select “No” when asked if you want to pair with a phone. Choose Phone Setup, Bluetooth Setup, then scroll down to Delete Device from the resulting menu, and then delete to your heart’s content.

Similar to this, you can only choose Bluetooth devices from the list of paired phones that you want to try to connect with. There is still no way to remove any of the connected phones from the memory of the Honda infotainment system.

I recently purchased a new phone, but the old one is still connected to the Bluetooth on my Honda Civic. How can I delete a device on the Honda Civic?.

How To Remove Bluetooth Device From Honda Civic?

It won’t do any harm to have another person’s phone in your Honda Civic’s Bluetooth, but if you’re careful, deleting it will be simple. By doing the following, Bluetooth devices for a Honda Civic can be removed:

Make sure the radio is on.

Press the phone button icon next to the radio screen to the right.

Choose Phone Setup from the menu.

System Clear is located by descending the radio dial.

You can now choose Bluetooth Setup.

By re-scrolling down the radio dial, you can find Delete Device.

Once you’ve chosen the previous owner’s Bluetooth pairing, select Yes on the confirmation screen to remove it.

After erasing the previous phone, pair the new one using the setup screen. Once paired, Bluetooth enables the Honda Civic to translate speech into text and make hands-free phone calls.

Hopefully, this will remove the old phone effectively. Once the phone is paired with the Civic’s Bluetooth system, you can use voice commands to send texts and make hands-free calls.

If your Bluetooth device won’t turn off, try turning on the radio to eliminate any interference. Sometimes resetting your car’s settings will help as well.

2022 honda civic how to delete bluetooth device?

The Bluetooth module may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled if this doesn’t resolve the issue. Remove any obstructions, such as metal plates or screws, that are between the antenna and the phone. Hold down both volume buttons simultaneously until the blue light begins to blink.

If you’re like most people, you probably use Bluetooth devices with your 2022 Honda Civic on a regular basis. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or another type of device, it’s likely that you’ve had to delete a Bluetooth device from your car at some point. Whether you’re upgrading to a new device or simply don’t use a certain device anymore, deleting a Bluetooth device from your car is a relatively simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete a Bluetooth device from your 2022 Honda Civic:

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