3 ways to view recently closed tabs in google chrome?

How to restore recently closed Chrome tabs from a toolbar

You might be able to find a recently closed tab listed in the menu if you want to open it. In fact, you can view recently closed tabs on every computer and mobile device connected to your account if you sync your Chrome browser across devices.

1. In the upper right corner of the window, click the three vertical dots.

Quick tip: Pressing Alt F or Alt E will also display the menu.

2. In the menu, select History.

3. A list of all the most recently used tabs organized by device should appear. Click on the tab you want to re-open.

How to restore a Chrome tab right after closing

Chrome conveniently keeps the most recently closed tab close at hand. Reopen closed tabs by selecting with the right mouse button a blank area on the tab bar at the top of the window.

Additionally, you can do this by pressing CTRL Shift T on a PC or Command Shift T on a Mac.

How to Reopen a Closed Tab

In Chrome, there are three simple ways to open a closed tab. You can examine each of the three to determine which is most suitable for you.

Don’t forget =

If you want to open only the most recent closed tab, one method works best. If you’re trying to reopen tabs you previously closed, the other two work best.

Q. Help! I closed a crucial tab in Chrome by accident, and now I can’t find the website again. I was attempting to click on a tab, but instead I clicked the X and closed it because I keep way too many tabs open.

I’m having trouble finding the website, and I’m concerned that I’ll have the same problem with another crucial tab. I should not keep so many tabs open, but it’s difficult to break the habit.

Thank you for your assistance; could you please tell me how to open tabs that I unintentionally closed?

A. I’m happy to help. No matter how many tabs you have open in your browser, closing one by mistake is a common occurrence. The website you’re attempting to access once more might be simple to find; you might even have it bookmarked. Or perhaps it’s elusive and you’ve been unable to locate it.

Either way, you can easily reopen closed tabs in Chrome. And that holds true regardless of when you last closed a tab or how long ago.