3 ways to check tpm version in windows 10 11?

The CPU of your computer is hardwired with a security device called a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). You must use features like BitLocker, hard drive encryption, and decryption for operating systems like Windows 10. In fact, TPM version 1 was required when Windows 8 first launched. 2 for BitLocker. However, there was a workaround for … Read more

3 ways to format 32gb usb drives to fat32 in windows 10?

Format USB drives to FAT32 using FAT32 Format tool Download this free tool to format USB drives larger than 32GB to the FAT32 file system if you don’t want to use the Command Prompt. Step 1: Download and run the FAT32 Format utility. Step 2: Select the USB drive you want to format, choose Quick … Read more

2022 honda civic how to delete bluetooth device?

Recently, we’ve been driving a lot of Hondas, and they all have the same annoying infotainment feature: there are six Bluetooth pairing spots available, but it’s not at all clear how to clear one existing phone’s data so you can pair your own phone. In essence, the “Add a new device” option is disabled if … Read more

3 Ways to Enable Picture-in-Picture Mode in Chrome?

Since Extensions are frequently stored there, click the puzzle piece icon if the icon isn’t displayed next to your search bar. You can choose the “Pin” icon when this menu opens to ensure that your extensions are always visible. Since the PiP extension needs to be clicked on to be enabled, it is a good … Read more

3 ways to check disk space usage by programsapps in windows 10?

Check app/program disk space usage via Settings Step 1: Open the Settings app. Navigate to Apps > Apps & features page. Step 2: All apps downloaded from the Store are shown on the page, along with any traditional desktop applications downloaded from sources other than the Store. Disk space usage will appear next to app’s … Read more

3 programs to uninstall windows 10 apps?

Use Geek Uninstaller to uninstall Windows 10 apps The ability of Geek Uninstaller to completely remove programs from the Windows operating system is well known. With 1, the capacity to remove Windows 10 apps 4. 0. 82. Here’s how to uninstall Windows 10 apps using Geek Uninstall. Using Geek Uninstaller to remove Windows 10 apps … Read more

3 ways to run memory diagnostics tool in windows 10?

Run Memory Diagnostics utility on a bootable PC When your computer can boot and you want to identify and diagnose memory issues, this is the best procedure. Step 1: In the Start/taskbar search field, type mdsched. Press the Enter key after running exe or Windows Memory Diagnostics. Step 2: When the Memory Diagnostic dialog box … Read more

3ds how to delete demos?

First, you’ll need to delete the old game data. To do this, press and hold the power button while simultaneously holding down the L and R buttons on your console. This will bring up a menu with several options. Select “Delete All Data” and press the A button. Next, put your console’s copy of Pokémon … Read more

3 Ways to Save WhatsApp Status – No Root Needed?

Download WhatsApp Status Through File Manager The file manager I’m going to use is called Solid Explorer. When you open the app swipe all the way down until you see the WhatsApp folder. After selecting the folder, tap on the three dots at the top right and check the box for the option that says … Read more

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