Where is the Mute Button on a Samsung TV Remote?

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Move the volume button up or down to adjust the volume. Press the volume down button to turn off the sound.

Want to quickly mute the sound on your Samsung TV? The mute button is an essential tool for those times when you need to quickly silence the TV, whether for a phone call or sleeping baby. But Samsung TV remotes can vary across models, which leaves many wondering: where is the mute button?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding, using, and troubleshooting the mute function on both smart and standard Samsung TV remotes.

Identifying the Mute Button on Samsung Remotes

The specific location of the mute button on a Samsung TV remote depends on the type of remote you have. But in most cases, it’s quite easy to find.

Smart Remotes

Smart remotes are the newer, minimalist style remotes that come with modern connected Samsung TVs. They have far fewer buttons that are mapped to perform multiple functions.

On Samsung Smart Remotes, the mute button is integrated into the volume rocker button:

  • To mute, simply press the bottom part of the volume rocker.

  • To unmute, press the bottom volume button again or use the upper part of the rocker to raise the volume back up.

So the mute control shares space with volume up/down on Samsung’s smart remotes. Just feel for the protruding rocker button on the right edge of the remote.

Standard Remotes

On older or cheaper Samsung TVs that don’t include the latest smart remotes, you’ll find a traditional remote control with more dedicated buttons.

On these standard Samsung TV remotes, there is typically a standalone mute button, clearly labeled and located near the number keys.

It’s usually a rectangular button with a speaker icon or the word “MUTE” printed directly on it. Just press once to mute the TV volume and press again to disable mute.

How to Use the Mute Button on a Samsung TV Remote

Once you’ve identified the mute button on your particular Samsung remote, it works the same way on all models:

  • Press the mute button once to immediately silence the TV’s sound. The volume level will turn all the way down to zero.

  • To unmute and restore the previous volume level, simply press the mute button again.

  • You can also press the volume up button while muted to gradually increase the sound back up.

Muting is ideal for quick sound suppression when the phone rings or kids are asleep. Just remember to unmute again so you don’t miss sound the next time you turn on the TV.

Some Samsung remotes have a mute icon that will flash on your TV screen each time you press mute/unmute as a helpful reminder.

Troubleshooting When the Mute Button Isn’t Working

If pressing the mute button on your Samsung TV remote isn’t actually silencing the sound, don’t panic. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Check batteries – Replace the batteries in your Samsung remote if they are running low. Insufficient battery power can cause remote buttons to become unresponsive.

  • Program remote to TV – Your remote may have become de-synced from the TV. Re-pair it by holding down the corresponding button combination. Refer to your TV’s manual for instructions.

  • Clean remote sensor – If the issue is intermittent, try gently cleaning the IR sensor on the Samsung TV that receives signals from the remote.

  • Update remote/TV software – An outdated firmware version can introduce wireless remote bugs. Update your TV software via USB and sync remote again.

  • Try volume down – If mute is totally unresponsive, using the volume down button repeatedly should at least decrease the audio gradually.

  • Use mobile app – As a workaround, install the Samsung Remote app on your smartphone to control volume and mute via on-screen buttons.

  • Confirm audio output – Ensure audio output is set to the TV’s speakers and not redirected to a soundbar speakers or external audio system that may have its own mute function.

If the mute function fails completely no matter what you try, the built-in remote control sensor in your Samsung TV may need professional service. Contact a qualified Samsung TV repair technician if the issue persists. Mute is such a commonly used feature that living without it is highly inconvenient.

Alternative Ways to Mute Audio on a Samsung TV

When the dedicated mute button fails or your original Samsung remote has gone missing, don’t lose hope. You still have options to mute the TV!

Use Another Remote

If you have a universal remote or a different Samsung remote lying around, try programming it to your Samsung TV. There’s a good chance the mute button on that other remote will work. Just be sure to find the proper device code and syncing process for the remote.

Use Mobile Apps

The free Samsung Remote app and Samsung SmartThings app both provide digital mute buttons that you can tap on your smartphone screen. This will instantly mute the paired TV over WiFi.

Via Bixby Voice Commands

If you have a modern Samsung TV with Bixby voice assistant, you can simply say voice commands like:

  • “Hi Bixby, mute the TV”

  • “Bixby, turn off the sound”

  • “Hey Bixby, mute”

And the TV will mute hands-free without needing the remote!

Through Mobile Screen Mirroring

If you have screen mirroring, Smart View, or AirPlay set up to cast your phone’s display to the TV, you can mute the TV audio by doing the following:

  1. Bring up the control center or quick settings panel on your smartphone.

  2. Tap the media output control (cast/mirroring button).

  3. Select the option to mute media audio.

  4. The TV volume will mute since your phone is controlling the audio output.

Via TV Button Controls

On the vast majority of Samsung TVs, there are basic buttons directly on the TV panel or bezel that let you control power, volume, channels, and mute. Locate the buttons and look for the mute symbol – it will mute the TV just like using the remote.

Where to Find Replacement Samsung TV Remote Mute Buttons

If the mute button has broken off your Samsung remote or is jammed/stuck in place, replacement parts are readily available online for purchase:

  • OEM parts – For guaranteed compatibility, purchase an official Samsung mute button replacement part that matches your exact TV model.

  • Universal parts – Generic versions of common Samsung remote buttons can also be found for only a few dollars. Measure the existing button on your remote to match the size.

  • Aftermarket remotes – Buy affordable replacement remotes for Samsung TVs from third parties that come with a properly working mute key.

Replacing a damaged Samsung remote mute button or buying a whole new remote control is easy and much cheaper than replacing the whole TV!

Adjust Closed Captions as an Alternative to Mute

Rather than muting the TV’s sound entirely if others are sleeping or loud scenes occur, enable closed captions as an alternate way to quiet the audio:

  1. Press the CC/subtitle button on your Samsung remote.

  2. Select Closed Captioning and choose settings like size, color, opacity etc.

  3. Adjust volume down but still audible for you.

  4. Now captions display for quiet viewing when needed instead of muting.

Customize closed captions so they are prominent for those moments you want to “mute” without losing sound entirely.

Quickly Restore Sound with Samsung Remote Shortcuts

Forgot you left the TV muted? Or want sound back quickly after muting during a call? Samsung remotes have shortcuts to instantly restore the previous volume:

  • Smart remotes – Press volume up once to undo mute.

  • Standard remotes – Press mute twice in a row to unmute.

Use these handy shortcuts to bypass holding volume up for ages to regain the lost sound. Just be careful not to press mute again by accident!

Finding That Mute Button is Key for Samsung TV Owners

Knowing where the mute button is located on your particular Samsung TV remote style is the first step to effectively silencing the TV when needed. Once you identify it visually, practice the button location so you can easily press mute without fumbling around even in the dark!

With the Samsung TV mute button often used for silencing distractions and minimizing disturbances, spending a minute upfront to get familiar with the mute position on your specific remote pays dividends every time you need timely sound suppression.

Samsung Smart TV Remote – Where is the Mute Button?


How do I get my TV off mute?

Make sure the volume level is not set to zero (0) or mute. Using the remote, press the volume up button to increase the volume level of the TV or press the Mute button to unmute the TV. The volume buttons can be found on the right side of the remote.

What is the 123 button on my Samsung remote?

The Samsung Smart Remote is only supported on Samsung UHD TVs. It has only the essential keys and some special function keys. The user can access additional virtual keys on the TV screen by clicking the “123” key.

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