How to Connect an Xfinity Remote to a Samsung TV

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Turn on your TV.Press and hold the xfinity and Mute buttons together for five seconds until the light at the top changes from red to green.Type the first five-digit code for the TV manufacturer. If the remote light blinks green twice, the code is correct. … Aim the remote at the TV, and press the Power button.Turn on your TV.Press and hold the xfinity and Mute buttons together for five seconds until the light at the top changes from red to green.Type the first five-digit code for the TV manufacturer. If the remote light blinks green twice, the code is correct. … Aim the remote at the TV, and press the Power button.

Xfinity remotes make it easy to control your Xfinity cable box, TV, and other devices. If you have a Samsung TV, you can program and sync your Xfinity remote to work with your Samsung model.

This allows you to power on your TV, adjust volume, and control other functions using the Xfinity remote rather than juggle multiple remotes.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect an Xfinity remote to a Samsung TV.

Get Your Xfinity Remote and Samsung TV Ready

Before starting the setup process, make sure you have:

  • Your Xfinity remote – This can be any model such as the XR2, XR5, XR11, or XR15. You cannot use a non-Xfinity branded remote.

  • Fully charged batteries in the remote

  • Your Samsung TV powered on and set to the correct input

  • The TV remote nearby in case you need to revert any changes

Make sure all devices are on and set up properly before programming the Xfinity remote.

Put the Xfinity Remote in Programming Mode

The first step is to put your Xfinity remote into programming mode. This allows it to pair with your Samsung TV.

To do this:

  1. Hold down the Setup button on your Xfinity remote.

  2. While still holding Setup, press and release the XFinty button once.

  3. Release the Setup button.

The remote light should blink twice to indicate you are now in programming mode.

Enter the Samsung TV Code

Now that the remote is in programming mode, you need to enter the 5-digit code for Samsung TVs:

  • Press 10178 on the number pad

If the code is correct, the remote light will blink twice.

If the light blinks 4 times, the code is not valid for your remote. Double check the code and re-enter it.

Confirm the Code and Sync the Remote

After entering the valid 5-digit code:

  • Aim the Xfinity remote directly at your Samsung TV
  • Press the Power button

If your TV turns off, the code worked and your remote is synced.

If your TV does not respond, repeat the steps above to re-enter programming mode and input the code again.

Once the Xfinity remote can power your TV on and off, the devices are paired.

Program Additional Functions

Now that you’ve connected the Xfinity remote to your Samsung TV for power, you can program additional buttons:

  • Volume – Press Volume Up/Down to sync
  • Mute – Press Mute to sync
  • Input – Press Input then Select to choose the desired input
  • Channel – Press Channel Up/Down to sync
  • Menu – Press Menu to bring up the on-screen menu
  • Direction pad – Press Up/Down/Left/Right to navigate menus

Aim the remote at your TV and press each button you want to program. The Xfinity remote will now control those functions on your Samsung TV.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble getting your Xfinity remote to connect or control your Samsung TV, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Replace the batteries in the remote in case they are low.

  • Make sure you enter the correct 5-digit Samsung code – 10178.

  • Check that your TV is powered on and set to the correct input.

  • Re-enter programming mode on the remote and redo the code/sync process.

  • Try a code reset by holding Setup and pressing 9-8-7 sequentially.

  • Factory reset your Xfinity remote by holding A and D buttons for 5 seconds.

  • Move the remote closer to the TV when programming/syncing.

  • Point remote directly at the Samsung TV during programming.

  • Call Xfinity support if still having issues for further troubleshooting.

With some patience, you should be able to successfully pair your Xfinity cable remote to your Samsung TV.

Sync Multiple Xfinity Remotes

Once you have your main Xfinity remote programmed, you can easily sync additional remotes to control your Samsung TV:

  1. Put the new remote into programming mode using the Setup and Xfinity buttons.

  2. Using the original synced remote, press Power on pointing at the TV.

  3. The new remote will now be synced.

  4. Repeat to sync more remotes.

This prevents having to manually enter the code again on every remote.

Use Xfinity Remote Buttons for Samsung TV

Once programmed, here are some of the Xfinity remote buttons and how they work with your Samsung TV:

  • Power – Turn TV on and off
  • Volume / Mute – Adjust volume or mute
  • Number Pad – Enter channel numbers
  • Channel +/- – Change channels up/down
  • Input – Change TV input source
  • A/V Power – Launch the Source List menu
  • Info – View info for current channel/program
  • Menu – Bring up the Samsung menu
  • Guide – Launch the channel guide
  • Exit – Exit the on-screen menu

The directional pad, Select, and Back buttons will navigate Samsung’s smart TV menus.

Switch Between Devices

To switch back to controlling your cable box or other devices, press the corresponding button:

  • Press XFinty to control cable box
  • Press TV to control Samsung TV
  • Press AV for a connected audio device
  • Press AUX for a connected game console or streaming player

The mode buttons allow you to toggle between paired devices. The remote will control whichever device is currently selected.

Disconnect the Remote

If needed, you can disconnect and un-pair the Xfinity remote from your Samsung TV:

  1. Put remote in programming mode using Setup and Xfinity buttons.

  2. Press and hold Setup until light blinks twice.

  3. Press 9-9-1 sequentially on the number pad.

The remote will exit programming mode and be reset. Repeat pairing process if needed.

Enjoy Your Programmed Xfinity Remote

Learning how to connect your Xfinity remote to sync with your Samsung TV takes a bit of time upfront. But the effort is well worth it for the convenience of a single remote that controls both your cable box and TV.

No more fumbling for different remotes or having to point in two directions. With your Xfinity remote programmed and customized to your Samsung TV, you can sit back and enjoy seamless TV viewing and channel surfing.

How to program the new Xfinity remote to your TV


How do I get my Xfinity remote to control my TV?

Set the TV input to the input connected to the Xfinity TV Box. Press and hold the xfinity and Info buttons for five seconds. Wait for the Voice Remote light to change from red to green. Follow the instructions by entering the three-digit, on-screen pairing code.

How do I get Xfinity on my Samsung Smart TV?

Press the Smart Hub button on your Smart Control remote to go to the Samsung Home screen. Scroll to and select Apps. Select the Magnifying Glass icon. Enter Xfinity Stream using the on-screen keyboard and select Done.

How do I connect my Xfinity cable box to my Samsung TV?

Connect an HDMI cable to your cable or satellite box’s HDMI out port, which should be located on the back. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to any of the empty HDMI ports on your Samsung TV. Note: Make sure to remember what number the port is so you can change your TV’s source to it in a moment.

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