How to Pair Apple AirPods to Samsung TV

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Here’s what you need to do:Press the Settings button on your Samsung TV remote. This opens the general settings menu.Select Sound.Navigate to Sound Output.Select Bluetooth Speaker List. … Open your AirPods case without taking out the earbuds. … Wait for the AirPods to appear.Select them and choose Pair and connect.Press the Settings button on your Samsung TV remote. This opens the general settings menu.Select Sound.Navigate to Sound Output.Select Bluetooth Speaker List. … Open your AirPods case without taking out the earbuds. … Wait for the AirPods to appear.Select them and choose Pair and connect.

Using your Apple AirPods with a Samsung TV allows you to enjoy wireless audio and convenient features like active noise cancellation and transparency mode when watching shows, movies, and more.

Pairing AirPods to a Samsung TV is quick and easy thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. While you won’t get every AirPods feature when used with a non-Apple device, you can still take advantage of the core functions.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to pair both AirPods and AirPods Pro models to your Samsung Smart TV.

Overview of Pairing AirPods to Samsung TV

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect when pairing AirPods with a Samsung TV:

  • Both the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro can be paired with Samsung TV models.

  • You’ll need to have the latest Bluetooth-equipped Samsung TV in order to connect with AirPods.

  • Pairing is done through your TV’s Bluetooth menu just like you would with any Bluetooth headphones.

  • Once paired, you’ll get wireless audio through your AirPods when watching TV.

  • Handy controls like tap gestures, noise cancellation modes, and transparency work reliably.

  • You won’t have access to Apple-exclusive features like “Hey Siri” or iCloud pairing.

As long as your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth, you should have no problem getting AirPods connected for wireless listening.

What You’ll Need

To get started pairing AirPods to your Samsung TV, you just need a few basic items:

  • A pair of AirPods (2nd gen or later) or AirPods Pro

  • A compatible Samsung Smart TV with Bluetooth

  • Your Samsung TV remote to access settings

  • Your AirPods charging case with AirPods inside

That’s all you’ll need to begin the quick and simple pairing process. As long as your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth audio connections, you’re ready to go.

Step-by-Step Pairing Instructions

Follow these steps to successfully pair your AirPods to a compatible Samsung Smart TV:

1. Power on your TV and AirPods

Make sure your Samsung TV is powered on and idle on the home screen. Also ensure your AirPods are charged and in their case ready to use.

2. Access your Samsung TV’s Settings

Using your remote, go to the Settings menu for your Samsung TV. This is usually accessed by navigating to the General Settings option.

3. Open Sound Settings

From the TV Settings menu, go to the Sound section. Access and open your TV’s audio and sound settings.

4. Select Bluetooth Speaker List

In your TV’s Sound settings, choose the option for “Bluetooth Speaker List” or “Bluetooth Devices”.

5. Put AirPods in Pairing Mode

Open your AirPods case without removing AirPods. Press and hold the small circular button on the back of the case. The AirPods will now be in discoverable pairing mode.

6. Select AirPods to Connect

Your Samsung TV will scan and find the AirPods. You’ll see them appear as an available device. Select them and choose “Pair” or “Connect”.

7. Confirm Successful Pairing

Your TV will pair and connect to the AirPods. You’ll see a confirmation on the TV screen. The AirPods are now paired and ready to use.

Once your AirPods show as connected in your TV’s Bluetooth device list, you’re all set!

Using Your Paired AirPods with Samsung TV

Now that you’ve got your AirPods paired up with your Samsung TV, here are some of the great features you can enjoy:

  • Immersive sound for TV shows, movies, sports, and more streamed directly into your ears.

  • Active noise cancelling on AirPods Pro to block out external sounds around you.

  • Transparency mode on AirPods Pro to let outside noise in when needed.

  • Quick access to play/pause, skip track, volume control by tapping your AirPods.

  • Ability to use either left or right AirPod independently if desired.

  • Check battery level of AirPods and charging case from Bluetooth devices list.

You get robust wireless sound and convenient controls for your Samsung TV viewing experience.

Tips for Using AirPods with Samsung TV

To get the best experience using your AirPods with a Samsung TV, keep these usage tips in mind:

  • Your TV will handle volume control, so use its remote instead of your iOS device.

  • Stay within 30 feet of your TV to prevent Bluetooth connection issues.

  • Disable Bluetooth on other linked devices to avoid inadvertent switching.

  • Place AirPods back in their case when not in use to conserve battery life.

  • Update your AirPods and Samsung TV to the latest firmware versions available.

  • Disconnect and re-pair AirPods if experiencing skipping, lagging, or disconnections.

Following these tips will help you avoid common problems and get smooth streaming.

Troubleshooting Tips

Pairing AirPods with your Samsung TV is usually quick and seamless. But if you run into any issues, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Can’t get AirPods to show up on TV:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the TV and set to be visible.

  • Verify the AirPods are in pairing mode when trying to connect.

  • Reset the TV’s Bluetooth settings and reboot both devices.

Choppy audio streaming:

  • Check for interference from other wireless devices. Turn them off when using AirPods.

  • Reposition the TV and eliminate obstructions between it and the AirPods.

  • Forget the AirPods on the TV and redo the pairing process from scratch.

Connection drops randomly:

  • Update the Samsung TV software and AirPods firmware to latest versions.

  • Make sure the distance between TV and AirPods is less than 30 feet.

  • Remove other paired devices to ensure the TV stays connected to AirPods.

Following basic Bluetooth troubleshooting should resolve most wireless issues you encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using AirPods with the Samsung TV:

Can any AirPods model be paired?

Yes, both standard AirPods and AirPods Pro can connect successfully. Just be sure your TV has Bluetooth.

Do I need an app to connect them?

No app is needed, just use the native Bluetooth settings within your Samsung TV.

What features won’t work?

Mainly Apple-exclusive features like “Hey Siri”, iCloud pairing, automatic device switching, and spatial audio.

Can I pair more than one set?

Your Samsung TV should be able to store multiple paired devices, but only one can actively be connected for audio streaming.

What Bluetooth version do I need?

At minimum Bluetooth 4.2 is recommended, but 5.0 or higher is best for robust streaming.


Pairing your Apple AirPods with a Samsung Smart TV takes just minutes and allows you to enjoy wireless audio, active noise cancellation, easy tap controls, and great sound for your viewing experience.

With this step-by-step guide, you can quickly pair both standard AirPods and AirPods Pro models to your Samsung TV. Just follow the instructions to access your TV’s Bluetooth settings, put your AirPods in pairing mode, connect them, and start listening.

While some Apple-exclusive features may not be available, you’ll still get excellent wireless streaming and access to convenient AirPods capabilities. Keep these instructions handy for a seamless AirPods pairing experience with your compatible Samsung television.

How to Connect AirPods to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless Bluetooth Connection)


Can I connect Apple AirPods to Samsung TV?

For Samsung TVs, open the Bluetooth speakers’ menu (or a similar list of Bluetooth devices depending on your TV model) under Settings > Sound Output > Bluetooth speaker list. Then put your AirPods into pairing mode, and finally select Pair and connect on your Samsung TV to finish the syncing process.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Samsung TV?

From Settings, select Sound, and then select Sound Output. If the option Bluetooth Speaker List appears, then your TV supports Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

How do I put my AirPods in pairing mode?

Make sure that Bluetooth is on. Put both AirPods in the charging case and open the lid. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white. Click Connect next to your AirPods in the Nearby Devices list.

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