How to Disable YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV – A Step-by-Step Guide

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YouTube is one of the most popular apps on smart TVs, providing access to a huge library of video content. However, you may want to restrict or disable YouTube at times, especially for kids’ profiles on your Samsung Smart TV.

The good news is you have a few options to disable YouTube on a Samsung TV, ranging from using built-in parental controls to adjusting your router settings.

In this guide, we’ll outline the step-by-step instructions to disable YouTube on Samsung Smart TV models, as well as answer some common questions.

Method 1: Use Parental Controls to Block YouTube

The easiest way to disable YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV is by using the built-in parental control settings:

Step 1: Access the Parental Controls Menu

Use your Samsung TV remote to access the main menu, then go to:

Settings > General > System Manager > Smart Security

You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN at this stage. The default code is 0000.

Step 2: Select App Locking

In the Smart Security menu, choose the App Locking option. This displays all apps installed on your TV.

Step 3: Lock the YouTube App

Scroll down and select the YouTube app from the list. Choose to lock this app.

Step 4: Confirm YouTube Lock

Enter your PIN when prompted again to confirm locking the YouTube app.

YouTube will now be disabled and inaccessible on your Samsung Smart TV profiles.

Method 2: Block YouTube via Router Settings

To disable YouTube on all connected devices including your Samsung TV, you can block access through your WiFi router settings:

Step 1: Access Your Router Admin Page

On a computer or mobile device, open a browser and visit your router’s IP address, usually or

Step 2: Log Into Your Router

Enter your router admin username and password when prompted. If you didn’t set this up, try default credentials like “admin/admin”.

Step 3: Enable Parental Controls

Navigate to your router’s parental control or access restriction settings. Enable website blocking.

Step 4: Add YouTube to Blocked Sites List

Add “” or “” to the list of blocked websites. This will restrict access to YouTube.

Step 5: Save Settings

Save your settings change. YouTube will now be blocked for all devices on your home network.

This method also blocks YouTube access on mobile devices connected to WiFi. Use device-level restrictions for selective blocking.

Method 3: Adjust Samsung TV YouTube App Settings

Another option is to leave the YouTube app installed but adjust settings to make it less “usable”:

  • Disable autoplay on the YouTube app so videos don’t play automatically.

  • Turn off YouTube watch history and disable recommendations to prevent “related video” suggestions.

  • Clear previous YouTube search and watch history.

  • Turn off YouTube notifications so you don’t get pop-ups about new videos.

These steps won’t completely block access but can limit YouTube usage on a Samsung Smart TV by removing some of the features that make it addictive to browse.

Method 4: Use Google Account Restrictions

If you sign into YouTube using a Google account on the TV, you can turn on account-level restrictions:

  • Set overall time limits for YouTube usage through Google’s Family Link parental controls. This cuts off access after a specified time each day.

  • Block specific YouTube channels or content via the Google account. This prevents those videos from appearing.

Managing restrictions through a Google account allows customization but does require signing in rather than just using YouTube anonymously.

Considerations When Disabling YouTube on a Samsung TV

Here are some additional things to note about blocking YouTube:

  • Disabling YouTube only affects the app itself. It does not block the ability to cast or mirror YouTube from a phone to the TV.

  • Blocking via router settings disables YouTube on all networked devices connected to WiFi, not just the TV.

  • Disabling YouTube could also inadvertently restrict access to educational videos and channels. Use selectivity when possible.

  • Check parental control settings periodically. A user with the PIN code can re-enable YouTube without your knowledge if not vigilantly monitored.

  • Blocking YouTube does not guarantee kids won’t find other inappropriate content. Combine with active parenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about disabling YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV:

How do I re-enable YouTube on my Samsung TV?

Go back into Parental Controls > App Locking and unlock/unblock the YouTube app. You’ll have to enter your PIN.

Does blocking YouTube also block videos embedded on websites?

No, blocking the YouTube app itself does not prevent videos that are embedded into other sites and articles from playing.

Can I disable YouTube for some profiles and leave it enabled for adults?

Yes. Set up separate parental control profiles with custom restrictions. Block YouTube only under kids’ profiles.

What happens if I factory reset my Samsung TV?

Resetting your TV restores default app settings, so you’ll have to set up parental controls and restrictions again.

Will blocking YouTube on the TV also block it on my phone?

No, disabling YouTube access on your Samsung TV will not affect the YouTube app or website on your mobile phone or other devices.

Can I schedule when YouTube is disabled on the TV?

Unfortunately no, Samsung’s parental controls do not currently allow scheduling or time-based restrictions for specific apps like YouTube.

Are there any risks or downsides to disabling YouTube?

A few downsides are losing access to educational videos, music videos, trailers, how-tos, and other YouTube content that may be desired.


Restricting access to YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV is straightforward once you know the various options available.

The easiest methods are using the built-in parental control app blocking or blocking at the router level. For more granular control, Google account restrictions provide customizable limitations.

Combining multiple approaches can allow tailored YouTube restrictions on your Samsung TV and create the right balance for your family’s needs. Just be sure to communicate these changes to any other household members who use your home theater.

How to block Youtube on Samsung tv.

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