How to Switch from Samsung TV Plus to an Antenna on a Samsung Smart TV

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Once you are on the TV source, use the directional pad or arrow buttons on your remote to select Settings (All Settings). Select Broadcasting, and then select Auto Program. Select Start to begin auto-programming, and then select either Air, Cable, or Both. Select Air if you are using an antenna only.

Samsung TV Plus is a free streaming service available on many newer Samsung Smart TVs. It offers hundreds of streaming channels through your TV’s internet connection without needing a separate device or app. However, you may want to switch over to using an antenna or cable source instead to access local over-the-air channels in higher quality.

Switching from Samsung TV Plus to an antenna or cable input on your Samsung TV is quick and easy. This guide will walk through the steps to change sources and set up channel scanning to access channels coming from your antenna or cable provider.

Overview of Changing Sources on a Samsung TV

Modern Samsung Smart TVs have multiple input sources you can select from:

  • Samsung TV Plus: Streams free channels over the internet.

  • Antenna/Air: Over-the-air TV channels broadcast locally. Requires an antenna.

  • Cable: Channels from a cable TV provider. Requires a cable box or CableCARD.

  • External devices: Sources like a Blu-ray player or game console connected to HDMI.

To switch between these sources, you simply need to open the Source list and select the input you want to watch. The TV will change over to that source.

So to go from Samsung TV Plus to an antenna or cable source, you’d open the Source menu and select the Antenna or Cable input. Then you can scan for channels being broadcast over the air or through your cable provider.

Below are the step-by-step instructions for switching to Antenna/Air or Cable sources and scanning for channels.

Switching from Samsung TV Plus to an Antenna

Follow these steps to change from Samsung TV Plus to watch antenna channels:

  1. Make sure your antenna is connected to your TV.Plug the coaxial cable from your antenna into the ANT/Air/Cable input on the back of your TV.

  2. On your Samsung remote, press the Source button. This opens the Source list.

  3. In the Source list, select Air/Antenna. This changes the input to your antenna.

  4. Press the Home button to open Smart Hub if it’s not already open.

  5. Use the directional pad to select Settings. Open All Settings.

  6. Select Broadcasting > Auto Program.

  7. In Auto Program, select Start. This scans for available antenna channels.

  8. When scanning finishes, select Close. The found antenna channels will be added to your channel list.

After scanning, you can open the channel guide or use channel up/down buttons to view antenna channels. This completes the switch from Samsung TV Plus to watching over-the-air antenna channels.

Changing from Samsung TV Plus to a Cable Source

To switch from Samsung TV Plus to watching cable TV channels:

  1. Connect your cable box or CableCARD to your Samsung TV using HDMI.

  2. Turn on your cable box if using one.

  3. Press the Source button on your Samsung remote.

  4. In the Source menu, select the input your cable box is connected to. For CableCARD, select the Cable input.

  5. Press the Home button to open Smart Hub if needed.

  6. Use the directional buttons to open Settings > Broadcasting > Auto Program.

  7. In Auto Program, select Start to scan for cable channels.

  8. When scanning finishes, select Close. The cable channels found will be added.

Now you can use your remote to open the channel guide or change channels to view programming from your cable provider instead of Samsung TV Plus.

Tips for Scanning Antenna/Cable Channels

Here are some useful tips for getting the most channels when scanning for antenna or cable stations:

  • Move your antenna around to aim it towards TV broadcast towers for the most channels and strongest signal.

  • Elevate your antenna and remove obstacles between it and the TV for better reception.

  • Scan again occasionally to find newly-added or relocated stations.

  • Select both Air and Cable options when scanning if using an antenna and cable box together.

  • An amplified antenna can help pull in more over-the-air channels from greater distances.

  • Rescan if some channels disappear, as station availability can change over time.

  • If rescanning doesn’t help, your cable provider may have changed frequencies or encoding. Contact them for help.

  • Antenna channels will appear with channel numbers like 5-1, 7-2, etc. You can remove sub-channels in Settings if desired.

With just a few clicks on your Samsung remote, you can easily change from the Samsung TV Plus source to live antenna or cable TV channels. Refer to your TV’s user manual for more detailed instructions if needed.

Using the Channel List After Scanning Channels

Once you have scanned for antenna or cable channels, they will be added to the channel list. Here are some tips for using the channel list:

  • Open Smart Hub and select Channel List to view your list of channels.

  • Scroll up/down to browse channels. Press Enter to select a channel.

  • Use the channel up/down buttons on your Samsung remote to sequentially change channels.

  • Create Favorites lists for quick access to the channels you watch most.

  • Disable locked or unwanted channels from appearing in the guide.

  • Rename confusing channel numbers with custom names.

Manage your channel list to put your favorite stations front-and-center. Curate the guide to only show the channels that matter to you.

Samsung TV Plus Tips and Tricks

Even when using an antenna or cable box as your main source, you may still want to take advantage of Samsung TV Plus at times for additional channels. Here are some Samsung TV Plus tips:

  • Press the Home button and scroll down to the Samsung TV Plus row to open the app.

  • Browse the channel guide in the app to see what stations are offered.

  • Add favorite Samsung TV Plus channels to the first page of Smart Hub for quick access.

  • Use the Recent button on your remote to easily switch back to Samsung TV Plus.

  • Samsung TV Plus content can also be viewed on mobile devices using the app.

  • New channels are frequently added to the lineup. Check back often for new options.

  • Video quality will depend on your TV and internet connection speed. Faster broadband will deliver better picture.

Samsung TV Plus offers a free supplemental way to expand your channel lineup. And you can seamlessly switch to antenna or cable TV when wanting to access local broadcast programming.

Troubleshooting Tips for Samsung TV Sources

If you are having any issues getting your Samsung TV to recognize antenna, cable box, or Samsung TV Plus sources, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Can’t access Smart Hub menu: If your remote won’t bring up Smart Hub, try unplugging the TV power cord for 30+ seconds to reboot. Ensure remote has working batteries.

No channels found when scanning: Check antenna connections and placement. The coax cable must be properly connected from antenna to TV. Rescan after repositioning antenna.

Missing channels after scanning: Signal issues can prevent some channels from being picked up. Try amplified antennas or installing outdoors for best results.

Samsung TV Plus not working: Make sure your TV is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Check for Smart Hub or TV software updates. Restart your TV.

Can’t add cable box: Make sure cable box is powered on and connected to your TV’s HDMI port via HDMI cable. Select correct HDMI input.

No picture but have sound: If you get sound but no video from an input source, check connections. Try an alternate HDMI cable or port on the TV.

Following connectivity best practices and keeping firmware updated can prevent most source issues. But if problems persist, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung Support for troubleshooting assistance.

Switching to an External Streaming Device

If you want to access streaming services like Netflix or Hulu on an older Samsung TV that lacks built-in apps, you can add an external streaming media device like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase an external streaming box and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port.

  2. Turn the streaming device on and complete setup/activation steps.

  3. Download the streaming apps you want from the device’s app store.

  4. Use the device remote to open apps and stream content.

The process is quick and easy. The streaming box acts as your all-in-one home for entertainment apps instead of needing Smart Hub. Just connect to Wi-Fi during setup.


Whether you want free streaming channels with Samsung TV Plus or local broadcasts from an antenna or cable, it’s simple to change sources on your Samsung Smart TV. Follow the input selection and channel scanning steps to get your TV receiving channels from the source you desire. Refer to your user manual for specifics on your model. And optimize reception using antenna tips. Enjoy endless entertainment options from various inputs.

Setting a Samsung TV for antenna channels


How do I exit TV Plus on my Samsung TV?

1 Solution Try pressing on the home button on the remote, then arrow over to the Samsung TV app icon, then pressed the down direction, which should give you “remove” and “disable” options.

How do I put my TV in antenna mode?

This can be done by turning on your TV (if you haven’t already) and selecting the antenna option instead of the cable option, which can be found in the advanced options section of the menu in most TVs. Then, simply start the scanning process and let the antenna do its job.

Why is my Samsung TV not picking up my antenna?

To resolve the issue of “not available” on your Samsung TV, check your antenna connection, ensure the cable is securely plugged into the input, adjust the antenna placement to improve signal reception, and ensure you have the appropriate type of antenna for your area.

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